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Fidelis’ mission is to achieve superior, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.  We provide high caliber service, born out of the US Marine Corps strong work ethos.

Fidelis Capital Management was borne of a martial spirit. You can see the martial spirit in the discipline and rigor with which we create and execute our strategies.  Our name comes from the US Marine Corps motto of Semper Fidelis meaning always faithful.  The themes of protection, stewardship, discipline and integrity, which are found in the Marine Corps, are tightly intertwined with not only the Fidelis name but with how we do business.  We vigilantly protect our clients’ assets and are faithful stewards of their best interests.

To learn more about Fidelis, please use the contact form below.  Please note that the investment strategy described in this website is not available or suitable for all investors. Our current clients may access performance reports, investor letters and account statements online via our administrator’s secure portal. Please follow this login for further instructions.


Fidelis Capital Management LLC
89 Front Street
Marblehead MA 01945

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